Do you want to share your knowledge online in a BIG way? We have developed the Online Academy Plugin especially for you, the heart centered entrepreneur on a mission to share you light with the world.

This plugin allows you to easily publish and sell your own online program on the Internet. Sharing your knowledge online has never been easier. Because we have been in the business of selling our knowledge online since 2012, we have designed the plugin so that it does everything it needs to do to create an online learning environment. All the unnecessary features you don’t actually need, we took out because they only slow down the performance of your website.

The end result is a WordPress plugin that handles all payment and billing, registration of your clients in WordPress and adds them to your Mailchimp mailing list. Plus ofcourse creates an online learning environment where you can offer as many courses as you want.

What makes this plugin unique is that it is really geared towards entrepreneurs using the internet to get their message out there and reach the masses. The plugin allows you to offer 3, 6, 9 or 12 months subscriptions to your clients. It’s also allows you to work with one-time payments or offer your clients the option to pay in installments.

The main features of this plugin are:

The  plugin costs € 297 excluding 21% VAT a year. The recurring yearly fee, ensures you that the plugin stays WordPress compatible and that you get to enjoy every cool new feature we add in the future.

Ready to shine your light BRIGHT on the internet? Join our family of heart centered entrepreneurs making a difference in the world. Get started today, in making a huge step towards sharing your light with your online tribe who are just waiting for you to step into your mission here on Earth.